Using the Z Card

How To Use Your Z Card

  • Swipe your card through the DCA machine located on or near the driveway at any of the listed service stations, according to the link you chose on your application. It will be a silver machine of approximately 400mm X 400mm.
  • Upon swiping your card you will be asked by the DCA to enter the pump number you wish to use. Select the pump number then press ENTER. Pump numbers are located on either the body of the pump or on its display panel.
  • You will then need to enter your PIN number on the DCA, which was issued with your card. After entering your PIN number press the enter button.
  • Pick up the nozzle from the respective pump and get your fuel.
  • Need a receipt? After filling your vehicle return the nozzle to the pump then proceed to swipe your card through the DCA machine once more. It will read ‘Receipt Required?’, press the YES button. In a few seconds your receipt will have been printed showing you the date, time, pump number, fuel type, pump price and litres in total for the transaction.